• Minnie Mouse wall mural
  • Minnie Mouse wall mural 4
  • Minnie Mouse wall mural
  • Minnie Mouse wall mural 4

Disney Minnie Mouse Wall Murals

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Minnie Mouse wallpaper mural

Disney Minnie Mouse wall murals is one of the great interactive designer wallpaper murals for girls on our website. This unique alternative to traditional children’s bedroom accessories is an affordable, easy and cost effective way of decorating children’s bedrooms, nurseries, playrooms and games rooms. All of the wallpaper murals including the

Disney Minnie Mouse wall murals are highly detailed computer generated wallpaper murals second to none.

Looking for the WOW factor to add to a child’s bedroom or playroom? We’ve got the WOW right here.

Like the rest of our great murals,Disney Minnie Mouse wall murals is a WALLPAPER backed wall covering. It covers a wall area up to 8ft high  x 6ft ‘6 ft wide. Each product comes in 12 panels which means it is easily applicable and flexible according to how much space needs covering. It comes rolled up similar to wallpaper.

8panels ( 4 on the top – 4 on the bottom)  make up one amazing kids wallpaper mural.